'Showing God’s love in the retail community'

The Services we Provide:

  • Well-being Chaplains see everyone as a complete person: body, mind and spirit and know that most of us find life stressful at time, whether through family difficulties, bereavement, anxiety about a home situation, or anything else. Even work can affect our physical or mental well-being, or perhaps challenge our own standards and beliefs.
  • Listening Often just having someone to listen to us can help keep things in perspective. Chaplains are available for private conversations, either at work or in a suitable environment, and at times which do not interfere with a work pattern.
  • Resourcing Chaplains can be used as a resource by HR and will offer care and support to staff of all faiths and none. This independent confidential service which is regardless of faith and creeds can help to provide a happier and more contented workforce.
  • Supporting Chaplains are willing to discuss the Christian faith, or signpost people to advisers of other faiths if that is requested. They may also officiate or assist at weddings, baptisms and funerals if that support is helpful or needed.