Equal Opportunities Policy

1. Equal opportunities is integral to the work of the Colwyn Bay Town Centre Chaplaincy and the services that we deliver. We actively ensure that our policies and working practices are non-discriminatory and promote equality of opportunity.
2. Colwyn Bay Town Centre Chaplaincy is committed to treating all individuals, groups, organisations and businesses in a fair and just manner. We firmly oppose discrimination in all its forms and work actively to raise awareness and challenge practices which are prejudicial and biased.
3. We are committed to equal opportunities not just because we are legally bound to abide by the legislation, but because we believe in, and are fully committed to, equality of opportunity for all. We believe that God created all people equal to be treated with dignity and respect.

Direct and Indirect Discrimination Definitions
1. Direct Discrimination occurs when one person is treated less favourably than another, not on the merits of the case, but on grounds of personal status.
2. Indirect discrimination occurs when a rule, regulation or condition is applied which appears to treat all equally but which is unfair to some individuals on any grounds.

Policy Statement

Colwyn Bay Town Centre Chaplaincy:

1. will not discriminate directly or indirectly against businesses, organisations, groups or individuals with whom we come into contact because of: gender, sexual orientation, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, marital status, disability, age, religious belief or offending background.
2. abides by the requirements of all race relations, sexual discrimination, equal pay, disability discrimination acts as well as European Community Directives and relevant EC laws which seek to guarantee the fundamental right for equality of treatment without unfair discrimination.
3. will give every applicant for a role, and every volunteer, equal opportunity whatever her or his personal status except in a matter of:
    a: religious belief in any case where the role clearly requires membership of, or links to, a church or religious group, or sympathy with the aims of Cytun.
    b: offending background in any case where the criminal record history relates to the requirements of the post
4. will ensure that, where possible, all publicity, leaflets and information are available accessibly in appropriate ways and places.
5. will ensure that appropriate training is provided to enable all volunteers to perform their roles effectively.
6. will ensure that all applicants for roles will be given clear, accurate and sufficient information through advertisements, job descriptions and interviews to enable them to assess their own suitability for a role
7. will ensure that venues used for interviews and meetings will be fully accessible
8. will ensure that, where equal opportunities are not being offered, the circumstances will be investigated to see if there are any policies or criteria which exclude or discourage volunteers.

1. Colwyn Bay Town Centre Chaplaincy is managed through a voluntary Colwyn Bay Town Centre Steering Group which is responsible for drawing up adverts, job descriptions, person specifications, short-listing, interviews and appointment of staff.
2. All advertising will be dispersed in as many areas as possible to ensure wide access to the roles for targeted groups.
3. A pack will be sent to each applicant, or available as a download, with the job description, person specification, policies and material explaining the work of Colwyn Bay Town Centre Chaplaincy.

1. The Colwyn Bay Town Centre Steering Group is appointed by Colwyn Bay and Rhos Cytun to reflect the local churches involved in the chaplaincy project.
2. Members of the Steering Group will be provided with appropriate training and information to enable the role to be carried out effectively.
3. An annual review of the Town Centre Chaplaincy will be carried out and reported to Colwyn Bay and Rhos Cytun for further guidance.